Rules & Regulations

  • Our talent competition and showcase is open to the public, including children and senior citizens. Please use good judgement when using language and dress in the context of the production that may be offensive to the public at large. Each song selection should be family-friendly. Please no profanity, inappropriate lyrics, or content. All costumes must be age appropriate. Any group exhibiting blatantly sexual or offensive language, acting, dancing, or costumes will be disqualified and will be asked to leave the stage before finishing their act.
  • FUSION Talent Showcase reserves the right to close registration at any time. FUSION also reserves the right to refine, expand, and amend all rules and regulations if circumstances demand such action.
  • Teachers and directors must review the rules and regulations with their participants and chaperones prior to the competition.
  • Teachers, parents, and directors are directly responsible for their students’ behavior and the appropriateness of selections.