Individuals and groups from throughout the community are invited to perform a “talent,” (typically singing, dancing, or acting, though other talents are also encouraged.) Acts are adjudicated by professionals from across the performing arts community and will receive valuable feedback about their performance, including personal commentary that goes beyond just a score value. Acts are also given a point score; the highest scoring acts will be eligible for cash prizes and more!

Why should you enter our competition?

We know that all performers are eager to show off their talents on stage! What better way, than in front of true arts professionals, casting directors, and directors? Each participant will receive a comment card from several judges, who spend time writing individual feedback and comments about your performance. You will also be scored in various areas like technique, creativity, and presentation, and will be eligible for prizes like cash, scholarships, tickets to shows, and more!

Winners will be decided by adjudicators’ scores. Be sure to bring your cheering section!

What does it cost to participate?

Please see the  registration page for more information on costs and to sign up.

Please see the rules page for information about appropriate acts, judging, act length and more.