Jan 212016
Sara S

Hi, I’m Sara Setzer. I have been in business since 2007. Before that, I would often help family and friends with voice. I was classically trained for many years then switched to SLS. That is where I have noticed the biggest improvement in my voice. I have had over 18 years of continuous voice training. I have taught students that have gone on to winning competitions or getting regular gigs. I had a student open for country singer Hunter Hayes and was featured in Go Gilbert magazine. Last year, my 6-year old student sang at Chase Field for the Diamondbacks game and then she was interviewed by Kari Lake on Fox News! I am currently working with a student that is going through the second round of American Idol. Not all my student’s are looking for that big break. Maybe you just want a hobby! I can help with projection, performance, confidence or public speaking!

 I have attended hundreds of hours of SLS teacher training seminars. I attended legendary vocal coach Seth Riggs for 4 days of intense teacher training in Los Angeles. I have over 12 years of training in SLS, plus 6 years of classical training. I have been trained by some of the top vocal coaches in the country, including ones that have worked with Jordon Sparks, Ceelo Greene, Bette Midler, and many more.

 I am a very supportive teacher that truly wants the best for her student’s! My role as a teacher is to help my student’s with performance confidence while achieving vocal success.

 I teach the SLS or Speech Level Singing technique. I can teach you to have that professional quality voice. This is the best and easiest method to learn. I have had student’s completely change their voices in a matter of several months! All of a sudden they are winning competitions, singing the National Anthem at Chase field, and getting through rounds on American idol! I understand not everyone wants to sing out. I also work with people that just want to sing for a hobby. I am great at working with kids. I will teach you to have your larynx down, and have a smooth transition through your mix. I will work on correcting your bad habits and improving your all around sound. I will teach you the tricks through vocalizing exercises and changing vowels that will allow you to hit those high notes while correcting your voice when you are flat or pitch problems. I guarantee results! I specialize in Rock, Pop, Country, Folk, Jazz, R&B, classical, and musical theater.